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Welcome to my home page.

This website reflects some of my many and varied interests. I have a lot more interests than are in this site. As a result available time to develop the site is limited. Consequently, the site is, and is likely to remain for the foreseeable future, a work in progress. Expect to find some things missing, but I hope you find some things here that are of interest and/or are useful.

Blueprints is my section of the site dedicated to things engineering. As a professional mechanical engineer with over 28 years (but who's counting?) of experience, I've included some little engineering aids, spreadsheets, CAD files and the like.

Visions contains some of my photographic images, particularly landscapes and panoramas.

Out of this World is about astronomy and my developing interest in astrophotography. I am a newbie to astrophotography so the images that appear here are the highs on my learning curve!

Where and How? contains information and resources from over 25 years in search and rescue, particularly land search, vertical rescue, map reading and navigation, etc.

The Bushwalker's Guide to the Galaxy is all about improvised navigation. Revised and expanded from my original webpage, the BWGG is offer free to anyone who enjoys the great outdoors in the interest of preventive search and rescue. Learn how to find your way with less than a compass or GPS...

Random Thoughts is just that. Miscellaneous stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else in my site particularly.


Either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way!